Relief from Anxiety is just a TAP Away!

Are you a Black, Indigenous, Latina, or other woman of color (BIPOC) who is feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, or anxious? Know that you are not alone!

Libbie is a mental wellness chatbot and self-care app that uses a proven, step-by-step method to help you relieve anxiety and stress, so you can get back to feeling grounded and relaxed.

Libbie will introduce you to EFT-Tapping, a wellness technique that engages your mind and body to release difficult emotions. Tapping helps to rewrite negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs from microaggressions, gaslighting, and other forms of stress happening in your daily life.

screenshot of chat messages from the Libbie app

Get Support

Share your feelings with Libbie and be supported

screenshot of chat messages with Libbie app, with Libbie avatar tapping under the eye

Calm Anxiety

Learn how to tap and release your anxiety

screenshot of chat messages from the Libbie app, with Libbie avatar tapping the top of head

Gain Peace

Let go of difficult emotions to regain balance and peace

chat messages from Libbie app, with gradient circles representing a breath bubble for breathwork

Feel Better

Use deep breathing to feel further relief

image of Colette Ellis, wearing a gray blouse, seated on an aqua couch, in front of a gray brick wall

Founded by Coach Colette

Libbie Health was founded by Colette Ellis, an experienced behavioral health coach who was trained in Tapping in 2013. She finds fascinating that such a simple, yet powerful, process of tapping on acupoints can bring freedom from anxiety, stress, or sadness. It can seem almost counterintuitive to focus on and tap deeper into painful memories to achieve this relief. And, yet it works consistently -- both for her and her clients!

cover page of EFT-Tapping Journal, with image of Black woman with curly hair, eyes closed, touching her forehead

Buy EFT-Tapping Journal

Want to track your progress with Tapping as you use Libbie? Get this journal by Coach Colette to get started.

image of a group of young Black and LatinX women, seated at a table

If you also are an HR, DEI, or Employee Wellness leader, reach out to discuss our Workplace Wellness programs and learn how we can support your BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and other diverse employee populations with Libbie.