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Your Relationships, Your Creativity, and Your Health!

Looking for relief from daily stress and anxiety? We know that women of color face unique challenges and pressures. Constant microaggressions can weigh heavy on your mental health over time. We're here to help you rediscover peace and empowerment through somatic healing techniques. 

We've built the Libbie app to introduce you to Tapping, which is especially beneficial for women of color, as it helps diffuse tensions accumulated from gender- and race-based trauma. This evidence-based technique uses finger pressure on energy meridian points to quickly relieve feelings of overwhelm. Studies show it reduces anxiety within just a few sessions. 

By tapping along with Libbie, your friendly AI companion, you can short-circuit patterns of negative self-talk and start fresh each day. You'll learn to process your emotions in a gentle, mindful way so they no longer control your wellbeing.

Take back your happiness through scientifically validated self-care. Subscribe to the Libbie app today for a personalized tapping experience, anytime stress arises. 

You deserve to feel whole!

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Founded by Behavioral Health Coach, Colette Ellis

Libbie Health was founded by Colette Ellis, an experienced entrepreneur and innovator who is focused on improving mental health and workplace wellness. With over 15 years of leadership, she founded this startup to make convenient and culturally sensitive mental health solutions more accessible. Colette brings a unique combination of entrepreneurial vision, industry expertise, and certified training to deliver effective and inclusive mental wellness solutions. She is an advocate for marginalized communities, whose advice has been featured in Thrive Global, Real Simple, Small Business Chronicle and Daily Burn.

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If you are an HR, DEI, or Employee Wellness Leader, reach out to discuss our Workplace Wellness programs. We are advancing mental wellness in the workplace by removing access barriers and creating inclusive environments. Learn how we support diverse employee populations.