We've partnered with e-Lōvu Health to support the mental health needs of moms from pre-pregnancy through through post-pregnancy.

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As a mother, you want to ensure the best for your child and family. However, it is quite normal to get overwhelmed and stressed with the responsibilities that come along the way. Our app, Libbie, can help you through this journey with its numerous benefits. 

Libbie is an innovative mental wellness companion and self-care app that transforms your handheld device into a stress-free zone.  

Libbie helps you break free from the burdens of anxiety and stress by teaching you how to use EFT-Tapping

If you're worried about your ability to conceive, EFT-Tapping can help you ease your anxieties. It's an effective technique that can help you cope with stress during fertility treatments too.

Once you conceive, there can be worries about the birthing process and life changes associated with starting a family. EFT-Tapping can help soothe your nerves. It also can help you navigate pain and labor management, making the process more bearable for you.

After the baby is born, you might have to deal with stress or loss of sleep. EFT-Tapping can provide you with much-needed relief and help you cope with the situation. Moreover, it can assist you in managing postpartum mood changes, be it anxiety, depression, or birth trauma.

As a mother, caring for your child can take a toll on you. With our Libbie app, you can deal with overwhelm and be more grounded to tackle your daily responsibilities.

Whenever you feel exhausted or overwhelmed, Libbie is always there to provide a helping hand--equipped with evidence-based tools to get you back on track toward feeling your best.

Open up the app and share what's going on in your life. Then, you'll be able to:

In short, Libbie is an excellent tool for moms to improve your mental and emotional well-being and help you take care of your loved ones.

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