Brand Archetype Wheel showing the 12 archetypes for brands; 3 concentric circles using multicolor

Libbie is a Liberator ... and a Rebel

Some people have asked me what is Libbie short for, thinking it's a nickname for Elizabeth. When, in fact, it's short for LIBERATION.

The primary healing method that Libbie guides users through is called the Emotional Freedom Technique. When I was thinking of the product name, I had this in mind. And, the word FREEDOM kept ringing in my head. As I considered monikers based on this word, the name Freeda didn't really resonate with me as the right name for our app.

So, I began to think of synonyms for freedom. There's LIBERTY and LIBERATION. From there, I thought of shortening it to Libbie -- purposefully using the "ie" as opposed to the "y" to further differentiate our app.

Some definitions of liberation that align with the Libbie Health brand include:

  • an occasion when something or someone is released or made free

  • activities connected with removing the disadvantages experienced by particular groups within society

Recently, I was completing a branding exercise using the Brand Archetype Wheel. The wheel includes 12 archetypes, one of which is the REBEL (or Outlaw on other wheels). Guess what value is associated with the Rebel? LIBERATION. I believe that Libbie is first and foremost a CAREGIVER, with the corresponding value of SERVICE. That said, the Rebel aligns with our intention to dismantle systems of oppression and decolonize healing so that our users (YOU) can be free from anxiety, stress, and trauma.

That's why Libbie is a Liberator and a Rebel!

[NOTE: I'm very aware that the language and examples used in most versions of the Brand Archetype Wheel are neither gender nor culturally competent.]

By Colette Ellis: July 1, 2022