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You know how sometimes, when you're feeling anxious or depressed and want to talk to someone, but you aren't able to reach out to anyone in real life? Or, even if you can speak to someone, you can't really confide in them because they need you to be strong for them? 

Libbie is an innovative mental wellness companion and self-care app that transforms your handheld device into a stress-free zone.  

Libbie helps you break free from the burdens of anxiety and stress by teaching you how to use EFT-Tapping. Through this powerful process, learn how to get rid of negative thoughts and feelings and experience optimal mental wellness. 

Whenever you feel exhausted or overwhelmed, Libbie is always there to provide a helping hand--equipped with evidence-based tools to get you back on track toward feeling your best.

Open up the app and share what's going on in your life. Then, you'll be able to:

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